Project Grad

My mission is to help this group raise enough money to keep the project going. I am not affiliated with this group. I just saw a segment on the news about them, and decided to help them any way I can.
If you would like to help their great cause, click this link.
Project Grad

Uneducated people do not choose to be in that condition of poverty, but due to not achieving any level of education which is a basic human right, they have not had the same chances in life. People need an education. Educated people make better leaders. Educated people can solve more problems.

Project Grad’s Mission
In partnership with Knox County Schools and the communities they serve, Project GRAD Knoxville impacts generational change through education. Their K-16 approach focuses on:

College and career access and success
Social services support
Family, neighborhood and community engagement
Intentional support for students from disadvantaged circumstances

Their Values
Teamwork – Their relationships are grounded in trust and defined by a commitment to reciprocal care and shared responsibility.
Respect – Every person matters and each person’s dignity is honored.
Service – They passionately advocate and care for those they serve and strive to deliver results that exceed expectations.
Honesty and Integrity – Their behavior is ethical and their intention is never to mislead.
Professional competence – Each colleague possesses the skill set, tool set, support and resources to contribute to his or her best work.
Professional growth – They are committed to professionally growing themselves and those they support.

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